How does Medisafe work on Android Wear?
December 22, 2016

Medisafe strives to provide ‘information that you need, when you need it’ kind of experience on Android Wear. Notification cards will show up on your smartwatch when it’s time to take your medications – you don’t need to configure anything.
When it’s time to take a medication, the smartwatch will show a notification card with the medication information and actions that you can take (in parallel with the notification on the mobile device).
In addition, if the smartwatch’s screen happens to be on, at the time of your medication reminder (not the black/white screen), you will see a white screen with a ‘shake to take’ function – shake your wrist and the pill will be marked as taken!
Your pill reminders for today are synced with the smartwatch, so even if it is not connected to the phone you’ll see a reminder on the smartwatch.

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