How do I add a Medfriend?
November 30, 2016

1. Tap on your avatar on the top left to open the side menu

2. Android 5.0 and above: Tap “Invite Medfriend”

Android 4.4.4 or lower: Tap on the area next to your avatar and tap “Invite Medfriend”

3. Enter your Medfriend’s name, choose an avatar and tap “Send”

4. Choose the manner in which you would like to send the code – email, text message, etc.

5. Your Medfriend will receive an email or text message with your invitation code

6. Your Medfriend will tap on the link to open their Medisafe app and they will be automatically synced to you. If your Medfriend does not have Medisafe installed on their device, the link will instruct them to download Medisafe and enter the invite code

7. Tap “OK” on the “Hooray!” popup

Email us at if you experience any issues adding a Medfriend.

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