Medisafe Pharmacy Services
March 31, 2020

“Greatly surprised that all I needed to do was input information into my app, and then wait several days. Voila, my medication is at my mailbox.”
– Medisafe Pharmacy Services Customer

“Far faster and far more convenient than the traditional way of waiting in line in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.”
– Medisafe Pharmacy Services Customer

Medisafe now offers Pharmacy Services, powered through Truepill to all 50 states in the U.S.

Order your prescriptions directly through the Medisafe app, and have them delivered to your home, all for your current co-pay and no shipping or delivery fees.

Don’t wait in pharmacy lines anymore. Let us bring more peace of mind to your medication management needs. Our pharmacy services takes you step-by-step through the transfer process to setting up your first delivery.

We recognize that you probably have questions. Below is a compiled list of frequently asked questions, but at any point we are here to answer your questions, so drop us a line at pharmacy@medisafe.com or 800-217-9564.

[Ready to get going? Open your Medisafe App and select Pharmacy Services in the Menu.]

Sounds great but I don’t see it in my app. How do I get it?

Medisafe Pharmacy Service
Tap “more” to get to Medisafe Pharmacy Services. Don’t see it? Email us at pharmacy@medisafe.com to get enabled and we’ll turn it on in your account as soon as possible.

If your are in the US and don’t see Pharmacy Services in your Menu options then email us at support@medisafe.com and we’ll enable your account.

Where is this available?

Our pharmacy services is powered through Truepill, which ships to all 50 U.S. States and the District of Columbia. At this time the service is not available outside the United States.

This is my first time using an online pharmacy, how does it work?

There are three simple steps, the same as you would have to transfer to a local pharmacy, except all are done in the Medisafe app: Transfer, Co-pay and Order.
After you tap in the app to transfer your meds, Truepill will contact your current pharmacy and have your meds transferred to our pharmacy service for fulfillment.
Co-Pay Check:
Once the transfer is approved, we will submit to your insurance to obtain your co-pay amount. This amount will appear in the app and you will be notified in advance when your med is available to be filled.
When you receive that notification, simply tap on it and you’ll be brought to the order screen to pay with a credit card. Delivery is usually 3 to 5 days.

Something came up, can I transfer back to my original pharmacy?

Sure – at any time you can transfer your prescriptions back to your original pharmacy, or another that you choose. Simply have your pharmacist call Truepill at 855-910-8606 and state they are a pharmacist calling for a verbal transfer. This is a pharmacy standard protocol, so all pharmacists know how to perform these transfers – as if you were moving from one local pharmacy to another.

Does this require a signature at delivery?

Signature is not required for delivery, unless we are shipping a controlled substance.

Do you dispense controlled substances?

Yes, with restrictions. Medisafe Pharmacy Service, powered by Truepill, can ship controlled substances Schedule 3-5 to the following states where we have a controlled substance license: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, and Oregon.

Who is Truepill?

Medisafe Pharmacy Services is powered through Truepill, a full-service pharmacy offering a broad range of pharmacy and clinical services for all patients. Truepill works with a wide range of insurance providers. If you have any questions about coverage call 650-353-5495 or go through the order process and enter your insurance. The Truepill pharmacy team will take care of your transfer -just tell us your existing pharmacy and we take care of the rest.

Can I call your pharmacy service?

Of course! Our Truepill-powered pharmacy is open from 9am-5pm M-F and we have a pharmacy consultation phone available 24 hours per day. For any pharmacy-related questions, the Truepill pharmacy hotline is 650-353-5495 or fax 650-332-2758. You can also reach us anytime at pharmacy@medisafe.com

If I’m having an issue whom do I contact?

Medisafe has a team of dedicated Customer Success Managers available to help answer your inquiries about the app and transferring prescriptions at pharmacy@medisafe.com and 800-217-9564.

Is this available on both Android and iPhones?

So far our release is currently available to those on the latest version on Android (Medisafe versions 8.7 and higher) and iOS (Medisafe versions 6.4.2 and higher) installed.

Is this available with Medicaid?

Here are the states where we are currently contracted with Medicaid:
New York

I would like to transfer my prescriptions to Medisafe, but I am unsure how I would tell a doctor to send a new one to Medisafe though – I need to know where to tell them to send these new prescriptions.

Simply tell your physician to search for TruePill on their EMR system, they will find us under the name Truepill and can transfer the patients prescriptions over to our pharmacy service.

How long will it take to deliver?

It is generally accepted in the industry that transfer can take up to five business days, as there are several protocols required for accuracy and confirmation. Then it takes 3-5 business days for delivery when ordered.

Do you accept coupons?

We do accept most coupons from pharma companies, simply email us at pharmacy@medisafe.com with a copy of it, or send the information, and we can check ahead of time to make sure. Unfortunately, we cannot honor coupons from retail pharmacy chains or neighborhood pharmacies.

Can I request a specific branded medication?

Unfortunately we can not guarantee we will have the medication brand you want in stock and our procurement team does not fulfill unique brand requests this at this time.

What should I do with unused prescriptions?

In the event that you do not finish your prescription treatment, or have leftover medication, it must be disposed of carefully. Do not flush the pills down the toilet or put them in the garbage. Bring your medicine to any accredited pharmacy for disposal. For more information regarding the safe-disposal of unused medication, visit
this link.

Medisafe Pharmacy Services
Medisafe Pharmacy Services – Get your meds delivered for free and never wait in a pharmacy line again.

Do you dispense compounded substances?

Truepill is able to dispense compounded substances given they were created and shipped to us by a certified 503(b) compounding facility. We can then dispense in the quantity dictated by the patient’s prescription.

Do you dispense OTC therapies?

We do carry certain over-the-counter therapies as long as there is a prescription for them. Generally, for OTC items we can only send out preset quantities, so for example fexofenadine can come in quantities of 30 or 60. Feel free to check with us about a specific OTC availability anytime by emailing us at pharmacy@medisafe.com.

Are generics as safe as brand name drugs?

Yes. According to the FDA, all drugs, including brand name drugs and generic drugs, must work well and be safe. Generic drugs use the same active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts and therefore have the same risks and benefits. About half of all generic drugs are made by brand name companies.

If someone returns their medicine, are those pills re-used?

Medisafe Pharmacy Service powered by Truepill safely disposes of any returned medication–it is never re-used.

What happens if I send a request for a drug that is out of stock?

Our team will alert you as quickly as we can. Unfortunately, most times we do not know a timeline when the medication will be back in stock. We will work with you, to find an alternative option–whether that be a different drug, a generic version, or transfer eRx off-site.

How many days between orders, when do I send a refill request?

We have learned the best time to send a refill request is at least 5 business days before you need the medication. This gives us enough time to process the order, diagnose any issues with order, and still send out with First Class Service level. Furthermore, if we are processing insurance for a refill request, we will work with you to find the first day we are able to re-run the claim.

What happens when a package gets lost?

Even though this happens very infrequently, it is something that does occur. In the very extraordinary circumstances that a package is lost in transit, or stolen, Medisafe Pharmacy Service powered by Truepil will replace for free within reason. If we notice an unusual number of shipments, we reserve the right to amend this policy.

How long do I have before my drugs expire?

As a rule of thumb, medicine should never be stored for more than 1 year. Most medicine labels require a “Best-By” date. Medication should NEVER be used past the “Best-By” date. In the event that you do not finish your prescription treatment, or have leftover medication, it must be disposed of carefully. Do not flush the pills down the toilet or put them in the garbage. Bring your medicine to any accredited pharmacy for disposal. For more information regarding the safe-disposal of unused medication, visit this link.

What happens if I need my meds today?

In the event you need medication today, we will likely have to transfer the prescription to your local pharmacy of choice for immediate pickup. If you live in a same-day serviceable ZIP code, we will be able to fulfill the order and deliver same-day.

Regardless, this is a high-priority inquiry and this should be handled over the phone with your Customer Success Manager, or by calling the pharmacy at 650-353-5495.

Success! Meds on the way to your door in three simple steps.

What should I do if I have a bad reaction to the medication?

In the event you have a reaction that seems serious or life-threatening—for example, if they have wheezing, tightness in the chest, fever, itching, bad cough, blue skin color, fits, or swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat—contact the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Are your drugs safe?

Truepill purchases from reputable distributors like McKesson, Anda, Parmed, or Cardinal Health. We rely on their extensive counterfeit testing. Every order is inspected and verified by a pharmacist before leaving our facility.

What drugs do you dispense?

Medisafe Pharmacy Services powered by Truepill has access to nearly 12,000 different drugs–all which can be shipped to our facility in one business day.

How do you decide what drug manufacturer to use?

As long as our distributors have the medicine in stock, Medisafe Pharmacy Services powered by Truepill can order any med. We typically look for the lowest price, but also consider manufacturer credibility, consistency, and reputation.

How do I know Medisafe Pharmacy Service powered by Truepill pharmacy is trustworthy?

Our partner Truepill carries all necessary accreditations, stays up to date on our licenses, and has a compliance officer on staff to ensure the pharmacy stays compliant and trustworthy.

What is the Medisafe Pharmacy Service powered by Truepill Pharmacy information?

NCPDP: 5660091
NPI: 1295182590

Where are you located?

Medisafe Pharmacy powered by Truepill is in San Mateo, CA and our main facility is in Hayward, CA. We also have Brooklyn, NY, and United Kingdom facilities. Medisafe also has offices in Boston, London and Haifa, Israel.

Can I tour the pharmacy facility?

Unfortunately, in order to protect the privacy of our customers and patients, we do not allow on-site tours of our facilities.

Do medications come with an FDA-approved package insert, in the package?

Yes we send required language in each package, and a contact number for the pharmacy. With all prescriptions, Pioneer (our Pharmacy system) prints out a patient info leaflet aka drug monograph, this is what is typically included with the dispensed med. For certain medications, the FDA does require something called a Med Guide, and that is included on drugs that have the requirement.

How do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, all sales with Medisafe Pharmacy Service powered by Truepill are final. We do not refund or return any prescription medication.

What certifications does my doctor need to have?

Your doctor MUST be certified to write prescriptions in their corresponding state.

Why does the prescription say one drug but a different one was delivered?

Many times, Medisafe Pharmacy Service powered by Truepill will default to a generic version of a drug unless the eRx says “DAW (Dispense as Written). We do our best to alert you when the medication delivered is not the same as what’s listed on the eRx. Branded and Generic Drugs are for the most part, identical. If you received an entirely different drug class, there may be a larger issue at hand and you should call the pharmacy immediately at: 650-353-5495.

What quality control procedures do you have in place in each process?

Truepill works very hard to maintain its licenses and accreditations. This means working hard to buy from reputable distributors and abiding by ethical practices.

What certifications do you have?

Truepill holds the VIPPS Certification, LegitScript, URAC, and is registered with the NABP, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

What is URAC?

URAC defines their accreditation as an “evaluative, rigorous, transparent, and comprehensive process in which a healthcare organization undergoes an examination of its systems, processes, and performance by an impartial external organization to ensure that it is conducting business in a manner that meets predetermined criteria and is consistent with national standards.

What is VIPPS?

VIPPS is an accreditation bureau, which address our customer’s right to privacy, authentication and security of prescription orders, adherence to a recognized quality assurance policy, and provision of meaningful consultation between customers and pharmacists.

Are you certified with the Board of Pharmacy?

Yes, Truepill is certified with the California Board of Pharmacy and are recognized as a retail pharmacy in Hayward, CA.